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Our reliable, user friendly E-Metals® website allows customers to check material availability of all 40,000 stocked items. The buyer can obtain pricing, save the quote, place orders on line and track order status in real time. The website is secure, available 24/7 and eliminates any delay in securing the metals, and the accurate information, that the buyer needs.

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EMJ provides customer service that is second to none. We have the capability of conducting business with customers through customized Business-to-Business solutions using new technologies or through traditional ordering channels such as phone or fax. Find the phone and fax number to an EMJ branch that serves your area

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B2B (E-Link)

If you are interested in using E-Link as your ordering process or just want to find out more, you can use the EMJ Locator to contact the EMJ office nearest you. We will then have your Outside Salesperson communicate with our Information Technology (IT) department. Of course, you can also contact us.

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For our customers that require a fully integrated order, purchasing, accounts receivable and accounts payable system, EDI is the answer. Order requests are sent directly to EMJ by your company’s computer system, and acknowledgements are sent back by ours. This method is generally designed for our medium to large customers.

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