How We Do It:

Our Advantage

In today’s hyper-competitive economy, supplier selection can be one of the most important decisions a company makes. How a supplier performs directly impacts the success of a manufacturer.

While many metals distributors promise reliable service, only EMJ offers an “On Time, Or Free” delivery guarantee. With 40 stocking locations in the US, Canada and Malaysia, EMJ brings nationwide strength to local requirements. By empowering dedicated people, using a century of experience and today’s technology, EMJ brings financial strength, consistent focus and performance to your supply chain.

Depth of Inventory

EMJ is a full line metals service center specializing in Alloy Bar, Aluminum Bar, Brass Bar, Carbon Bar, Cast Iron Bar, Chrome Bar, Stainless Bar, Super Alloy Bar, Alloy Tube, Aluminum Tube, Carbon Tube, Stainless Tube, Super Alloy Tube, Alloy Plate, Aluminum Plate, Carbon Plate, Stainless Plate, and more. EMJ manages more than 50,000 grades, shapes and sizes of carbon, alloy, stainless, aluminum and other materials that are used to manufacture millions of products around the globe.

On-Time or Free

Local stock items and items carried in our Chicago location will be guaranteed delivered on-time based on our confirmed guarantee date which is based on EMJ’s current processing schedule and delivery schedule. (some restrictions apply)


EMJ is a leader in investing in the tools that make meaningful contributions to order reliability and productivity. With the largest Kasto inventory retrieval system in the country, precision processing equipment, bar code scanning, customized order management software and e-metals online ordering, our systems ensure the highest performance criteria in the industry.

Processing Capabilities

EMJ offers a comprehensive list of processing and service that allow our customers to save time, labor and expense. From cutting, chamfering, drilling and grinding, to honing, water-jets, routers and tube lasers, our experience finding solutions that add value to your product will enhance what you can offer your customers, and help you control your total costs. EMJ® - Making a Material Difference®


In 1914 Earle Jorgensen tore out the title of a magazine article that said “Hustle – That’s All!” and put it in his wallet. Today those words remain, on signs in our buildings and in the hearts and actions of the people who today make EMJ the only metals distributor offering an ‘On Time, Or Free’ delivery guarantee. There is no substitute for experience, and with an average tenure over 15 years, our people maintain consistent, long-term relationships that help us understand your business, and how to support it.